"I was fortunate to find Brenda through a friend, and the timing was perfect. 

I was a recent graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and had learned in addition to my nutrition program some marketing skills. 

What I soon learned is that it was not enough to just implement a marketing plan, I needed to get past some confidence issues and formulate some specific goals for now and the future. 

Brenda applied unique techniques and practices to guide me to visualize what I really desired for myself and my business.  The sessions flowed and I was able to form a concrete plan to execute in a measurable, specific and attainable format. It was not long before things fell into place and my confidence and beliefs turned into new programs and new clients.  I was beginning to manifest the results I truly envisioned with Brenda's support, friendship and expertise."

- Nancy P., CHC

"I have bipolar disorder and have been depressed for over a year. My anxiety was crippling; I no longer wanted to live and had truly given up hope... In several sessions, Kevin's hypnosis methods restored my HOPE and allowed me freedom from my anxiety! My disorder is severe and difficult to treat, but the immense help I got from Kevin has put me on the fast track to a full recovery!! I can't believe these results; thank you Kevin! "

- Vivian D.

"Hi Kevin,

Nice to hear from you. I am continuing to do great. ...
I just can’t believe how much this has helped me. It is so nice to have my life back. I just traveled to the pacific northwest. I am now eating again (and gaining weight). Thank you so much! Have a great summer."

- G.

"Armed with the tools & strategies I learned from the meetup, I have been tackling decluttering and other tasks that I had previously avoided for ages. The act of writing a daily list was instrumental in focusing my energies to propel myself to act -- and accomplish things. Something shifted for me after that session and my decluttering efforts have paid off as I now feel OK with having people over. This is monumental for me... Thank you so much for empowering me to breakthrough my inertia, Kevin!"

- Esther

"Hi Kevin.. Just wanted to give you an update on my progress since our session. I have definitely noticed a significant difference since the hypnosis, my anxiety about spiders has gone down so much, I've even killed a few with no problems and had no fear lingering about it. I also find myself not looking for them or even worrying about it at all. Bees and wasps I'm still pretty edgy with however there is definitely a difference as well. My mother has also done wonderful as well. We may schedule another session at some point, but are both very impressed with our progress. Thank you so much and we will be in touch should we decide to schedule a tune up. Thanks again!"

- Kelly - NH

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